Reflections on a wall

This image is from the October page of my 2023 calender.

Reflections on a wall
Reflections on a wall
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This panorama has been made from inside the head of Bavaria. Bavaria is a hollow bronze statue that can be ascended in the inside.

Víti (which is icelandic for 'hell') is a crater lake in the vulcanic area of the Krafla vulcano. The diameter is about 330 meters. The crater was formed by a steam eruption in 1724.

This panorama shows Bad Hindelang from the mountain station of the Imberger Horn cable car.

Reprojection of a German telephone booth.
Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it
Colorful boats
Standing at Víti crater lake near Krafla vulcano
High Cathedral of Saint Peter in Trier
Late summer
Bad Hindelang Panorama Shadow Self Portrait
Reprojected German telephone booth
Early autumn
Trees in the Black Forest
Winter in Bad Hindelang

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