Luitpoldpark Winter Meets Spring

Originally this panorama was my submission to the World Wide Panaorama event ‘Weather / Climate’


This panorama shows the effect the weather has on the environment. In particular it shows the impact of snow on the vegetation.


This is a panorama I blended from two individual panoramas. I shot the first one on 31st January 2015 and the second one almost two months later on 21st March 2015.

Shooting was done from an about 6m (20 ft) high pole. See me in action with the pole here.


See more panoramas of Luitpoldpark around the year using the tag Luitpoldpark on this blog. They were all taken from the same spot taken with the same pole during 14 months.

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Bayernpark in November

This panorama has been shot from a 6m high pole using the innovative Sony ILCE-QX1 ‘camera’. I took on e image in each cardinal direction and an extra shot to get rid of my shadow. For a more detailed description of the camera and lens setup see this post from PanoTwin J├╝rgen.

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Luitpoldpark in December

This is the first pole panorama I shot with the Sony ILCE-7 camera and the Walimex Pro 8mm fisheye lens. In order to use this lens on the camera I had to remove the sun shade. However this was quite easy, as it is made from plastic. I was able to remove it using a small side cutter and a cardboard cutter.

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