Wireless remote control and panorama setup for Sony NEX-7

Markus already wrote two articles about controlling the Sony NEX-5 with a wireless remote control. In this article I present my version of an Arduino controlled remote control for the Sony NEX-7.
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24h Snowing and Raining (timelapse video)

24 hours of snow and rain captured using a Sony NEX 5 and the Ultimate Trigger.
24h Snowing and Raining
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Remote Trigger with Arduino, a Shield in a Box

This article shows an arduino shield for triggering the shutter of a NEX 5 and an accompanying box for easy transpirtation.

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Remote Trigger with Arduino

This article presents a solution to the problem that the IR shutter mode of the Sony NEX 5 can't be combined with other shutter modes like bracketing. An arduino board with a servo is used to release the camera via the normal shutter button.

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