Another Experiment With a Cinemagraph

The original footage has been taken from a Full- HD movie. I exported some frames of the film to individual images and used Photoshop CS6 to create this cinemagraph (in fact it’s an animated GIF image).

View over Husavik harbour
View over Husavik harbour

Lessons learned: Use a tripod!

As I didn’t use a tripod in the shoot, I had to align each of the images to minimize the movement between frames.

24h Snowing and Raining (timelapse video)

I was searching for a first project I wanted to shoot with my new gadget. The remote trigger for the Sony NEX 5 I presented in the previous post. I decided to shoot a timelapse video. As I did not have my time lapse trigger with me but a laptop I applied some changes to the code and the time lapse function for the Ultimate Trigger was born.

I programmed a fixed interval of 10 minutes between each shot, set the camera to aperture priority mode, set the focus to manual and started shooting for 24 hours. Every now and then I checked the progress and had some minor problems:

  1. After the first two hours the servo had moved and did not trigger any more.
  2. After the first six hours the Ultimate Trigger battery has been drained, however I noticed this after about the time, when more than four hours of shots were missing.
  3. After half the shooting time the Sony NEX battery was about half empty. As I did not have a spare one with me I recharged it several times for 9 minute intervals between the 10 minute shooting intervals.

Apart from these minor flaws I am satisfied with the result you can see here:

24h Snowing and Raining

24 hours of snow and rain captured using a Sony NEX 5 and the Ultimate Trigger.

Isar High-water Surfing

This panorama shows the standing wave at the Reichenbach bridge during the Isar river high-water on June 5th 2010. Lots of spectators watch the surfers and kayakers that try to ride on it. The wave is only present during very high water.

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Streetlife Festival 2011, Ex+Hop Contest

More than 40 MTB- & BMX-Cyclists participated at the third EX&HOP contest. It was part of the Munich Streetlife Festival.

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Crashed Ice Qualifying Contestant

A big sport will take place tomorrow: The “Red Bull Crashed Ice” race. This view gives an overview of the 386 m long track. Today is the qualifying for tomorrow when thousands of spectators will crowd this place.

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Soap Box Race at Auer Dult

Once a year there is a soap box race next to the “Auer Dult”. The date changes every year, but usually end of April or in mid summer soap box racers from all over Bavaria drive down the Gebsattelstr. Even the Munich police has it’s own racing team. And it is not the slowest soap box they have, as you can see here!

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Surfing at Eisbach

Surfing is a popular water sport you would not expect in Munich, hundreds of kilometers away from the next coast line. The location is at the Eisbach, which translates to ice brook just next to the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The standing wave can be surfed the whole year, but even in summer the water is very cold.

The history of surfing the Eisbach goes back into the year 1972 (according to Wikipedia).

The Eisbach flows under ground for some kilometers and is a part of the Isar river. After the popular surf spot it flows through the Englischer Garten a large park where you can relax just in the heart of the city.

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Imberger Horn Sledge Track

This is the start of two of the three sledge tracks. Shortly after this point the track branches. One track to the Retterschwang valley, the other one towards the small village Nordpol (that translates to Northpole).

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