Another Experiment With a Cinemagraph

The original footage has been taken from a Full- HD movie. I exported some frames of the film to individual images and used Photoshop CS6 to create this cinemagraph (in fact it’s an animated GIF image).

View over Husavik harbour
View over Husavik harbour

Lessons learned: Use a tripod!

As I didn’t use a tripod in the shoot, I had to align each of the images to minimize the movement between frames. 

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Today we visited a lava field of the vulcano Hekla and we had a great dinner 😉
This year we started with a photographic experiment. We recruited two assistants and used sparklers to write 2012 in the air.

Some information about the SLR Magic 35/f1.7 lens and how to use it on the Sony NEX camera series.

The SLR Magic 35/f1.7 lens
Gatklettur is a rock formation in the west of Iceland. It is located near Arnarstapi on the Snæfellsnes peninsula in Iceland.

Skógafoss is a waterfall in the south of Iceland. With a width of 25 meters (approx. 82 feet) it drops 60 meters (approx. 200 feet) over the former coastline.

Most interchangeable lens systems use a longer flange focal distance than the Sony NEX system ...

Lava field of Hekla
Happy new year 2012
The canyon Fjaðrárgljúfur in Iceland
Reprojection of the Blue Lagoon (Iceland).
Via Strandarkirkja and Blue Lagoon to Kevlavík
SLR Magic 35/f1.7 on Sony NEX 5
Standing at Gatklettur, a rock formation near Arnarstapi
Dettifoss in Iceland – again
Rainbow at Skógafoss in Iceland
Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 attached to Sony

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