Another Experiment With a Cinemagraph

The original footage has been taken from a Full- HD movie. I exported some frames of the film to individual images and used Photoshop CS6 to create this cinemagraph (in fact it’s an animated GIF image).

View over Husavik harbour
View over Husavik harbour

Lessons learned: Use a tripod!

As I didn’t use a tripod in the shoot, I had to align each of the images to minimize the movement between frames. 

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Ponte Lombardo in Venice spans over Rio Malpago and ends at Fondamente de la Toletta.

This article presents a solution to the problem that the IR shutter mode of the Sony NEX 5 can't be combined with other shutter modes like bracketing. An arduino board with a servo is used to release the camera via the normal shutter button.

Hverarönð is a geothermal area east of the mountain Námafjall in the north of Iceland.

The Reschensee (Italian: Lago di Resia) is an artificial lake in South Tyrol (Italy).

This year we started with a photographic experiment. We recruited three assistants and used some sparklers to write 2014 in the air.

In this image we used sparklers to write 2014 in the air.
Here is another little gallery from todays journey.
This is a long exposure at Dettifoss.
The Bláhnjúkur (which stands for 'Blue Peak' in the icelandic language) is a mountain in the Landmannalaugar area of Iceland.

Harpa (official name: Harpa - Tónlistar- og ráðstefnuhúsið í Reykjavík) is a concert hall and conference center near the harbour of Reykjavík.

Ponte Lombardo, Venice (Google Embedded Version 2013)
Remote Trigger with Arduino
Cornerfix profiles for Leica Summicron-M 35mm/2 (Asph.) on
Fumarole at Hverarönð geothermal area (Iceland)
Standing on the frozen solid Reschensee (South Tyrol)
Happy new year 2014
From Hverarönð over Víti (Krafla) and Leirhnjúkur into
Long exposure at Dettifoss (Iceland)
On the way to Bláhnjúkur (Blue Peak, Iceland).
Standing at the Harpa in Reykjavík (Iceland)

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