Reprojected Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance

The following two images show the entrance of Munich’s old South Cemetary. You can view the interactive spherical panorama here. The projection is both times stereographic.

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Down)
Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Down)

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Up)
Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Up)

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This image shows a stereographic reprojection of Akureyrarkirkja.

This panorama shows the newly constructed courtyard of the Städel museum in Frankfurt. It has been founded in 1815 and hosts one of Germany's most important collections.

This panorama was shot near the summit of mount Baoleskopf.

This panorama is the result of 26 stitched images made with the Sony NEX-5 and the 16mm pancake lens. It is a test to be compared with the experiment I described in my last two posts.
This is an automatically rendered panorama from three source panoramas taken with the Rocoh Theta S. As the camera is a one shot solution it is sometimes difficult to be NOT on the final image. In this case I used the Photoshop Median operation to remove myself from the panorama without any manual interaction.

I made the original panorama for the upcoming WWP event "Mortality". This is a stereographic up projection.

The Cathedral of Messina has been built in the 12th century. However it had to be rebuilt after a massive earth quake in 1908 und again after a fire in World War II.

As the name states Akureyrarkirkja is the church of Akureyri. The church has been designed by Guðjón Samúelssonbuild and the build has been finished in 1940.

Panotwin Markus shooting the Munich subway station Westfriedhof with a double monopod setup.

Reprojected Akureyrarkirkja – Inside
Städel Museum Frankfurt Courtyard
Baoleskopf Viewpoint near the Summit Cross
Multirow Spherical Panorama made with the Sony NEX-5
[DIS]CONNECT @ Schirn Kunsthalle
Friedhof Nantwein at Dawn
Reprojected Wolfratshausen Cemetery
Cathedral of Messina – Nave
Akureyrarkirkja – Inside
Panotwin Markus shooting the subway station Westfriedhof for

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