Reprojected Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance

The following two images show the entrance of Munich’s old South Cemetary. You can view the interactive spherical panorama here. The projection is both times stereographic.

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Down)

Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Down)

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Up)

Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Up)

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Panotwin Markus shooting the Munich subway station Westfriedhof with a double monopod setup.

Every third year the world's largest fair - the bauma - takes place in Munich. This panorama has been taken just below the claw of a "Multidocker CH 74D".

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Panotwin Markus shooting the subway station Westfriedhof for
Panoramic images awarded
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