Reprojected Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance

The following two images show the entrance of Munich’s old South Cemetary. You can view the interactive spherical panorama here. The projection is both times stereographic.

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Down)
Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Down)

Reprojected Entrance Munich's Old South Cemetary (Up)
Reprojected Entrance Munich’s Old South Cemetary (Up)

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This panorama shows a building in Wolfratshausen's cemetery where urns are buried. It is more like a small room with urns on the walls.

Jökulsárlón is a lagoon in Iceland and the place where the Breiðamerkurjökull ends. Small icebergs from the Vatnajökull can so reach the sea. However depending on the winds they sometimes strand on the beach like this one.

The Alter Südfriedhof is an old Munich cemetary. Dead bodies have been burried here between 1563 and 1943. Nowadays it serves as a quiet sanctuary in the busy city centre. The panorama shows the entrance between the older and the newer part of the cemetary.

This is from my 2018 calender either the February or the August page.

This image shows a stereographic reprojection of this panorama.

St. Coloman church has been built between 1673 and 1678. It can be found near the very famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Schwangau. When looking carefully you can even see Neuschwanstein Castle in the panorama.

The Ludwigs Maximilians University has been founded in 1472 in Ingolstadt and moved to Munich in 1826. This panorama shows the areaway between the main entrance and the lecture hall.

The Protestant church in Bad Hindelang is the former black death chapel. It is outside the main village and has been built in 1747/1748.

In spring the meadows in the Allgäu show huge amounts of Dandelion. Everything is bright yellow from the many blossoms.

Urns at Wolfratshausen’s cemetery
Stranded Iceberg at Jökulsárlón
Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance
Städel Museum Frankfurt – Garden Stereographic Transverse Mercator
Reprojected Akureyrarkirkja – Outside
St. Coloman Church near Schwangau
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Areaway
Protestant Church in Bad Hindelang
Protected: Team DB Vertrieb at the JPMCCC 2015
Dandelion in May

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