Inside a Pink Blooming Tree

This panorama has been shot with the Ricoh Theta S. I mounted it on a painter pole and leaned it against the tree.

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Camera Maker: RICOH
Camera Model: Theta S
Exposure Time (sec): 1/2000
F-Number: 2
Focal Length (mm): 8 

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This image shows a reprojected image of the summer stage in Kronberg. The projection is transverse mercator.

The Block Arcade is one of the tourst icons of the city of Melbourne. It was erected between 1891 and 1893. The panorama shows the central atrium of the arcade.
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This stereographic reprojection shows the nave of the Cathedral of Messina.

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Reprojected summer stage in Kronberg.
Central atrium of the Block Arcade
Turf farm Glaumbær (Iceland)
Protected: Dragon Cup 2015 (Offenbach)
Reprojected Cathedral of Messina – Nave
Cathedral of Messina – Nave
Reprojected British telephone booth
Reprojected Three Green Stripes (Making Of)
Dandelion in May

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  1. Markus, I do like your work. I am relatively new to 360 photography but by no means new to photography. I bought the Theta S but find that my images are not as sharp as yours. How do you achieve the best sharpness?

    Appreciate your time,


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