Bad Hindelang Almabtrieb Decorated Cows

The almabtrieb is an event when the cow herds, that were fed on alpine pastures during the summer return to the valleys. In Bad Hindelang this event is usually taking place on Sep. 11th. It is celebrated with a big market and a beer tent, where the local Oompah band is playing. This scene shows decorated cows, the so called “Kranzrinder”. They are only decorated, when all the cows came back from the summer in the Alps.

Kranzrinder in Bad Hindelang
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Reichstagsgebäude at sunset

This spherical panorama shows the Reichtagsgebäude in Berlin at sunset.

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The shooting was done with a 3 meter (appx. 10 ft) pole to reach a more elevated viewpoint. The lens was mounted with a custom-made bracket. Stitched from four images taken with a Sigma 10mm fish eye lens on a Sony A900. Zenith and nadir were retouched in post.

Piața Unirii in Timișoara, Romania

Piața Unirii is a central place in Timișoara, Romania. The PanoTools Meeting 2009 has been hosted quite nearby.

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German Senior Championships 10000m

From July 10th to 12th 2009 the German Senior Athletics Championships took place in Vaterstetten. Due to the large number of participants only the seniors age 50 and older started in Vaterstetten.

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Hang Glider Start Ramp

In the late 1990s hang gliding was a popular sport in and around Bad Hindelang. The hang gliders were transported to the start place using a chair lift. The old chair lift has been replaced by a cable car and the sportsmen started to go paragliding instead. So this ramp is seldom used nowadays.

Drachenflieger Startrampe in Bad Hindelang
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Imberger Horn Summit View

South of Bad Hindelang arises the Imberger Horn. It is a mountain, that is 1656m high, but thanks to the cable car the ascend to the summit can be done in about one hour. On the summit is a beautiful viewpoint to the valley of Bad Hindelang, Hinterstein and also towards Sonthofen and Immenstadt.

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Soap Box Race at Auer Dult

Once a year there is a soap box race next to the “Auer Dult”. The date changes every year, but usually end of April or in mid summer soap box racers from all over Bavaria drive down the Gebsattelstr. Even the Munich police has it’s own racing team. And it is not the slowest soap box they have, as you can see here!

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Surfing at Eisbach

Surfing is a popular water sport you would not expect in Munich, hundreds of kilometers away from the next coast line. The location is at the Eisbach, which translates to ice brook just next to the Haus der Kunst in Munich. The standing wave can be surfed the whole year, but even in summer the water is very cold.

The history of surfing the Eisbach goes back into the year 1972 (according to Wikipedia).

The Eisbach flows under ground for some kilometers and is a part of the Isar river. After the popular surf spot it flows through the Englischer Garten a large park where you can relax just in the heart of the city.

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