Bad Hindelang Almabtrieb Decorated Cows

The almabtrieb is an event when the cow herds, that were fed on alpine pastures during the summer return to the valleys. In Bad Hindelang this event is usually taking place on Sep. 11th. It is celebrated with a big market and a beer tent, where the local Oompah band is playing. This scene shows decorated cows, the so called “Kranzrinder”. They are only decorated, when all the cows came back from the summer in the Alps.

Kranzrinder in Bad Hindelang
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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: DSLR-A700
Exposure Time (sec): 1/350
F-Number: 6.7
Focal Length (mm): 8
Lens: Sigma 8mm/F4
ISO: 200 

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