Tunnel View in Yosemite Valley

If you’re visiting Yosemite Valley and have a camera with you then you have to stop at this viewpoint. But this also leads to the consequence that you are not alone…
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Powell Point at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

West of Grand Canyon Village there are severall viewpoints which can only reached by bus, bike or foot. One of these viewpoints is Powell Point near the Powell Memorial.

Powell Point at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon in Arizona

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Between the Navajo Bridges

The two Navajo Bridges span Marble Canyon near Lee’s Ferry. The first bridge was constructed from 1927-1929, the construction of the second bridge was completed in 1995.

I was standing on the older bridge and held my monopod in vertical direction right over the railing.

Between the Navajo Bridges over Marble Canyon

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Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River at midday

This is a panorama of the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River near Page in Arizone. It’s taken shortly after noon and I used a pole with a heigth of approx. 10 feet (3.15 m) to get a more elevated viewpoint.

Horseshoe Bend of Colorado River in Arizona.

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View of Monument Valley near Cly Butte

As we were driving around the main road of Monument Valley we also stopped at the North Window between Cly Butte and Elephant Butte. I just took a little walk to the north east. Then I was standing just north of Cly Butte, so this is the most dominant mesa. The Artists Point is located directly underneath the sun. In the opposite direction of the sun you can see Elephant Butte.
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