Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it

This panorama has been made from inside the head of Bavaria. Bavaria is a hollow bronze statue that can be ascended in the inside. It is located next to the Theresienwiese, where the famous Oktoberfest takes place since more than 200 years.

[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110926_4827_BavariaKopf.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110926_4827_BavariaKopf.jpg”]
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13 years of history in a single panorama

The upcoming event at the WWP is named “history”. As I’m a regular contributor I also wanted to contribute for this event.

After a discussion with a friend of mine I decided to realize an idea which took shape in my mind quite some time ago. I wanted to integrate a picture which shows a historic point in time in a panorama which shows the actual scenery.

Here is the panorama of the actual scenery.

[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_110919_5673-5682_FS.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_110919_5673-5682_FS.jpg”]

And this is the historic image I wanted to integrate.

Construction of MAIN TOWER. This image was taken 13 years ago on a black and white film.
Construction of MAIN TOWER. This image was taken 13 years ago on a black and white film.

The combined panorama is hosted at the history event of the the world wide panorama.

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Isar High-water Surfing

This panorama shows the standing wave at the Reichenbach bridge during the Isar river high-water on June 5th 2010. Lots of spectators watch the surfers and kayakers that try to ride on it. The wave is only present during very high water.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20100605_7650_HochwasserReichenbachTimeLapse.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20100605_7650_HochwasserReichenbachTimeLapse.jpg”]
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Streetlife Festival 2011, Ex+Hop Contest

More than 40 MTB- & BMX-Cyclists participated at the third EX&HOP contest. It was part of the Munich Streetlife Festival.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110910_4009_StreetLifeBikeAcrobats1.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110910_4009_StreetLifeBikeAcrobats1.jpg”]
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Streetlife Festival 2011, Climbing

The DAV climbing wall is a great attraction for children to try out climbing at the Street Life Festival.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110910_3837_DAVKletterTurmStreetLife.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/MMatern_20110910_3837_DAVKletterTurmStreetLife.jpg”]
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