Façades of Frankfurt am Main

This image is from the November page of my 2021 calender.

Façades of Frankfurt am Main
Façades of Frankfurt am Main
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While taking a little hike near Lynton I took this panorama.

This panorama shows a building in Wolfratshausen's cemetery where urns are buried. It is more like a small room with urns on the walls.

This panorama shows Split Point Lighthouse from the viewing platform near the cliff. The rock formation in the sea is called Eagle Rock.
See some experiments with the Lensbaby Tilt Transformer on the Sony NEX 5 using the Lensbaby Composer Focus Front and two differnet Nikon lenses.

This is from my 2019 calender either the June or the December page.

This panorama has been made near the summit of mount Hirschberg. It is north of Bad Hindelang and is about 1500m high.

Castle Rock near Lynton (Devon, England)
An autaumn evening
Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles
Urns at Wolfratshausen’s cemetery
Split Point Lighthouse
Oktoberfest with Tilt-Shift effects
Visiting the Wartburg
Diana Temple – Double Droste Spiral
Castle Lichtenstein
Cross on Summit of Mount Hirschberg

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