Panotwin Markus shooting the subway station Westfriedhof for WWP ‘Color’

Today I was searching for an image of the subway station Westfriedhof in Munich. As I browsed my database I found the following image of Panotwin Markus shooting the Munich subway station Westfriedhof with a double monopod setup.

Panotwin Markus doing a poleshot.
Panotwin Markus doing a poleshot.

The final panorama is hosted at the WWP event ‘Color’.
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The Protestant church in Bad Hindelang is the former black death chapel. It is outside the main village and has been built in 1747/1748.

Once a year there is a soap box race next to the "Auer Dult".

Only 28 minutes left until the start of the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2008..

This image shows a Droste type reprojection of the summit of the Imberger Horn.

This is from my 2018 calender either the April or the October page.

This image shows a reprojected image of the subway station oberwiesenfeld in Munich. The projection is "transverse mercator".

This panorama has been stitched from 15 individual fish eye images. I combined the panorama using PTGui and used exposure fusion for creating the final panorama from three bracketed shots.

Protestant Church in Bad Hindelang
Protected: Impressionen beim Kartenspiel #10
Soap Box Race at Auer Dult
Reprojection of JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge 2008 in
Reprojected Imberger Horn Summit View (Christmas Tree)
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – Transverse Mercator
Anti Nuclear Movement Demonstration Stage
Reprojected subway station (Oberwiesenfeld, Munich)
An evening walk
Comparing images from Opernplatz, Frankfurt am Main (2004

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