Comparing images from Opernplatz, Frankfurt am Main (2004 and 2014)

The upcoming World Wide Panorama (WWP) event is entitled ‘decade’.

In the time frame of a decade even a city can change it’s appearance. So I searched for panoramic images which I shot in 2004 and which were shot at a place which changed over the last ten years. The best example was a image of the Opernplatz, which I took back in 2004 as a cylindrical panorama. And the view of the Opernplatz (which translates to ‘the square of the opera’) indeed changed a lot in the last ten years.

So I went back and stood at the same spot where I stood a decade ago. First I took a spherical panorama with my double monopod construction. Afterwards I did a remake of the original cylindrical panorama. The following image shows the two cylindrical panoramas in a single composite.

Opernplatz (Frankfurt am Main) 2004 and 2014
Opernplatz (Frankfurt am Main) 2004 and 2014
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The original panorama from 2004 is also available on the blog

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This is the first high pole panorama I shot with the Sony ILCE-7 camera and the Walimex Pro 8mm fisheye lens. The pole is about 5.5m or 18ft high.

This spherical panorama was taken from under an art sculpture in the courtyard of the ADAC headquarters in Munich.

This panorama has been shot with a 6m high pole.

This spherical panorama was taken while standing inside the rotunda of Munich's museum "Pinakothek der Moderne".

We participated in the WWP611 event (family). Each of us shot a panorama showing 14 PanoTwins in a single panorama. Both panoramas were shot simultaneously. We also shot a "Making of" timelapse video you can see here:
Making of WWP611 Event Family (timelapse video)
Today I did some tests with the two lens adapters Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4, which can be used to adapt a lens with a Sony A-mount to a camera with an Sony E-mount.
This spherical panorama was taken right below the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Luitpoldpark in February
ADAC Headquarters Courtyard – Red Bench
Luitpoldpark in November
Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles
Pinakothek der Moderne – Rotunda
Skyline of Frankfurt am Main on a sunny
Making of WWP611 Event Family (timelapse video)
Comparing image crops of Sony LA-EA2 and Sony
Protected: Ausflug 06.04.2014
Under the Eiffel Tower

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