PanoTools Meeting 2010 Group Shot

This panorama has been stitched from two images taken with the Sony NEX5 camera. I used the so called “Sweep Panorama” shooting mode of the camera. You start to shoot while turning around. The camera takes images very fast and stitches them directly in the camera. The result is a single JPG image. In this case I had to take two panoramas, each with a resulting size of 12416×1856 pixels. Afterwards I used PTGui Pro to combine the two images, which had a horizontal FOV of about 207¬į. The final stitched panorama had a size of 21748×1776 pixels. One problem was moving people, like e.g. Bernhard. I was not able to correct this, because the error already occured inside the camera. Thus the source image for my panorama already had this error. ūüôĀ

Note: This is the very first panorama I took with this new technique!

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Participants of the PanoTools Meeting 2010 on the first evening at The Treasury.
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3 thoughts on “PanoTools Meeting 2010 Group Shot”

  1. Hi,
    I left a message on the PTGui group. I don’t know if it got to you. I was trying to do a simple cylindrical stitch like you did above. I used PTGui but got terrible results. can you tell me what settings you used. Your panorama you made with 1 horizontal row of shots, 2 shot of about 207 degrees FOV each. I would like to use my camera in portrait mode which would require 3 shots.
    Any advice?


    1. Hi Huck,

      the project contains the two source images with a lens type cylindrical. I made only two control points between the images. One on each of the two borders. I made five additional control points of type vertical line. The optimizer was set to optimize the Field of View, and all Roll, Pitch and Yaw angles.

      I uploaded a very low quality version of the two images (but with the original pixel dimensions) and my PTGui project:
      Project, Image 1, Image 2

      Hope this helps!

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