Panorama at Hengifoss (vedutismo projection)

This image at Hengifoss was stitched from 5 images in portrait orientation. The projection is vedutismo with maximum compression. I used PTGUi to stitch the image. I used a neutral density filter with 10 f-stops to get a n exposure time of 5 seconds.

Panorama at Hengifoss
Panorama at Hengifoss

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: SLT-A99
Exposure Time (sec): 5
F-Number: 7.1
Focal Length (mm): 28
Lens: Minolta 28-70mm/2.8
ISO: 100 
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As I am aware of the fact, that any combination of lens and body has it's maximum sharpness at a specific aperture I did a series of test images with different apertures to find the maximum sharpness of a Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 on a Sony NEX-7.
The Protestant church in Bad Hindelang is the former black death chapel. It is outside the main village and has been built in 1747/1748.

This panorama shows the Olympic Park in Munich about an hour after sunset.

This image shows a stereographic reprojection of this panorama.

This image shows a behind-the-scenes impression of PanoTwin Markus shooting the courtyard of Städel Museum Frankfurt/M.

Hallgrímskirkja is a church in Reykjavík (Iceland). It is the largest church of the island. It is also the second tallest building in Iceland.

This is an automatically rendered panorama from three source panoramas taken with the Rocoh Theta S. As the camera is a one shot solution it is sometimes difficult to be NOT on the final image. In this case I used the Photoshop Median operation to remove myself from the panorama without any manual interaction.

The geysir Strokkur is located in the geothermal area of the Great Geysir in the valley of Haukadalur.

Víti (which is icelandic for 'hell') is a crater lake in the vulcanic area of the Krafla vulcano. The diameter is about 330 meters. The crater was formed by a steam eruption in 1724.

Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 (on Sony NEX-7)
Protestant Church in Bad Hindelang
Olympic Park Munich Viewpoint after Sunset
Reprojected Akureyrarkirkja – Outside
PanoTwin Markus shooting the courtyard of Städel Museum
Inside Hallgrímskirkja (Reykjavík, Iceland)
Friedhof Nantwein at Dawn
Frauenfriedenskirche (Frankfurt am Main)
Standing at geysir Strokkur – again (Iceland)
Standing at Víti crater lake near Krafla vulcano

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