Castle Rock near Lynton (Devon, England)

Nearly six years ago we’ve been at the Panotools-Meeting in Bath. After the sessions we toured the south-west of England four another two weeks. And while taking a little hike near Lynton I took this panorama. And finally today I consider this image as completely post-processed 🙂

Castle Rock near Lynton (Devon, England)
Final image after tweaking in Photoshop

Panotwin Markus made a spherical while I was shooting a mosaic of this view. Back in 2006 I used a Konica Minolta Dynax 7D which had 6 Megapixel. As the shot was hand-held and I wanted to make sure not to forget some portions of the view, I chose an overlap of approximately 50%. So I ended up with 20 images (4 columns with 5 rows in landscape orientation). The final panorama has a resolution of only 42 Megapixel. But hey, this was nearly six years ago!

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