Long time exposure at Goðafoss (at night)

This image is a panoramic image in rectilinear projection. It’s stitched from 10 images in portrait orientation. Each of the images was taken with a neutral density filter (10 f-stops) to get an exposure time of 15 seconds.

Goðafoss at night (15 sec.)
Goðafoss at night (15 sec.)

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: SLT-A99
Exposure Time (sec): 15
F-Number: 9
Focal Length (mm): 160
Lens: Sony 70mm-200mm/2.8 G(D)SSM
ISO: 50 
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The Blue Lagoon (Bláa Lónið in icelandic) is a geothermal spa in the south western part of Iceland. It is considered as one of the most visited tourist attractions in Iceland.

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