Entrance of the Shrine of Remembrance (Melbourne)

This image is from the February page of my 2018 calender. This image shows a reprojected spherical panorama which was taken in front of the entrance of the Shrine of Remembrance. Reprojection is little planet (stereographic).

Entrance of the Shrine of Remembrance
Entrance of the Shrine of Remembrance
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First experiments with MICE to stitch a cylindrical panorama from video footage

This years PanoTools Meeting took place in Messina, Italy. This panorama shows the meeting venue on the first day, short before the meeting started.

This panorama shows the Hotel São Filipe in Setúbal in the morning mist.

This panorama shows the atrium of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in Munich.

This image shows a Droste type reprojection of the summit of the Imberger Horn.

This is a reprojection of a spherical panorama of another bridge in Venice.

I took four images around. One in each cardinal direction and an extra one to get rid of my shadow. I used the Sigma 8mm fish eye lens on a Sony A700 mounted on a double monopod construction.

This panorama shows Sovereign Hill, an open-air museum in Golden Point, a suburb of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. The museum depicts the early years after the discovery of gold in 1851.
Cylindrical Panorama from a Video Source
PanoTools Meeting 2013 Messina Sicily Second Impression
Protected: Team DIPF at the JPMCCC 2015 in
Pousada de Setúbal; Hotel São Filipe
Bavarian Ministry of Justice Atrium
Reprojected Imberger Horn Summit View (Christmas Tree)
Heini Klopfer ski jump (at the base).
Reprojection of another bridge in Venice
Wendelstein Mountain Station
Sovereign Hill (open-air museum in Ballarat)

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