Reprojected orchestra shell in Oberstdorf

This image is from the August page of my 2018 calender. This image shows a remapped photosphere and was taken inside the orchestra shell of Oberstdorf (Bavaria, Germany). Reprojection is little planet (stereographic down).

Reprojected orchestra shell in Oberstdorf
Reprojected orchestra shell in Oberstdorf

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I shot the panorama using a Walimex 7.5mm fish eye lens mounted on a Sony ILCE-QX1. I took four images - one in each cardinal direction - on a extended monopod construction. The nadir was shot additionally and retouched afterwards.

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Stereographic reprojections of a spherical panorama.

Some years ago during a high-water the old bridge has been destroyed. This wooden frame work bridge is the new one. It is a very similar construction to the one you find some kilometers downstream.

A reprojected version of a spherical panorama.

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