Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Up and Stereographic Down

The WWP event 314 has the theme ‘Decade’. I participated with this submission. The event is scheduled to go online on 1/Apr/2014.

Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Down
Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Down

Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Up
Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Up
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Today I did some tests with the two lens adapters Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4, which can be used to adapt a lens with a Sony A-mount to a camera with an Sony E-mount.
Interactive panoramic image of the cabinet garden of the Munich Residenz

This is a long exposure at Dettifoss.
This post shows one of my first reprojected Droste panoramas, a subway station (Westfriedhof, Munich).

This spherical panorama was taken at the construction site of "Newton München" in March 2017..

Protected: Impressionen beim Kartenspiel #10
Comparing image crops of Sony LA-EA2 and Sony
Entrance to cabinet garden Munich Residenz
Long exposure at Dettifoss (Iceland)
Reprojected subway station (Westfriedhof, Munich)
Newton München – Construction Site March 2017
Skyline of Frankfurt am Main on a sunny
Frauenfriedenskirche (Frankfurt am Main)
Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 attached to Sony
Standing at Ófærufoss – again

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