Reprojection of another bridge in Venice

This is a transverse mercator reprojection of a spherical panorama of another bridge in Venice.

Reprojection of another bridge
Reprojection of another bridge

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Camera Maker: SONY Camera Model: NEX-7 Exposure Time (sec): 1/320 F-Number: 5.6 Focal Length (mm): 7.5 Lens: Walimex 7.5mm/3.5 ISO: 100 

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The town of Eskifjörður is located in a fjord the very eastern part of Iceland.

This photosphere was taken at the Freibergsee near Oberstdorf (Bavaria, Germany).
As I am aware of the fact, that any combination of lens and body has it's maximum sharpness at a specific aperture I did a series of test images with different apertures to find the maximum sharpness of a Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 on a Sony NEX-7.
The parish church in Tschengels was originally built in 1500. In 1600 a new baroque style side chapel was built. This side chapel is considered one of the most beautiful sacred baroque buildings of the Vinschgau Valley.

I think this panorama is not one of my most spectacular ones, however I took the image because I was thinking about a reprojection of the scene.

On the drawbridge in the harbor of Stralsund.
This panorama has been made at the beginning of the trail to one of the highest mountains in the Allgäu. It is the Hochvogel, with a height of 2592m.

This reprojection is based on a panoramic image of the Dippemess in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

In the harbour of Eskifjörður (Iceland).
Standing at the Freibergsee
Voigtländer Ultra Wide Heliar 12mm/5.6 (on Sony NEX-7)
Parish Church Birth of the Virgin Mary in
Residenz München Kaiserhof
Protected: Team DIPF at the JPMCCC 2015 in
Drawbridge at Stralsund harbor
Cornerfix profiles for ultra wide Voigtlaender lenses on
Between Bergächtle and Wiedemerkopf
Visiting the fun fair Dippemess (reprojected)

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