Wiener Prater Boomerang – Stereographic Up

This is from my 2019 calender either the February or the August page.
This stereographic reprojection was generated from a spherical panorama I shot standing near the entry of the Boomerang roller coaster in the Prater amusement park in Vienna, Austria.

Boomerang Roller Coaster - Stereographic Up
Boomerang Roller Coaster – Stereographic Up

See the interactive version here.

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This image shows a reprojected image of the courtyard of Tower 185. The projection is "transverse mercator".
I think this panorama is not one of my most spectacular ones, however I took the image because I was thinking about a reprojection of the scene.

This panorama shows an old and rusty machine. In better times it surely was a trusty machine but now it's only rusty...

This panorama was shot at the fun fair Dippemess in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This image shows a reprojected image of the Cine-Teatro São João in Palmela. The first projection was stereographic down, the second one droste.

This image was taken inside the iconic dome of the State Library of Victoria. The room was opened 1913 and was designed to provide room for over a million books and up to 600 readers.
One of the few rock formations in Hljóðaklettar that has it's own name is Tröllið, which translates to "The Troll".

Jump + Fly 2012 @ Odeonsplatz

Reprojected courtyard of Tower 185
Residenz München Kaiserhof
Old and rusty crane
Heading for Planes and Trains
Skyscraper in Frankfurt am Main
Visiting the fun fair Dippemess
Reprojected Cine-Teatro São João (Droste)
State Library of Victoria (Melbourne) inside La Trobe
Standing inside Tröllið
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