A colorful subway station (Candidplatz, Munich)

For the WWP event ‘color’ Markus and I decided to take some pictures of subway stations in Munich. We finally ended shooting our images at the subway station Candidplatz and at the subway station Westfriedhof which are both extremely colorful stations. This is the panorama of the subway station Candidplatz.

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This central place in the heart ot Rotterdam is 12.250 square meters in size and has been opened to the public in 1996. The illumination consists of very large street lights, that even can be transformed.

At the Little Colorado River Gorge.
This image shows a reprojected image of the Sesimbra Castle Church. The projection is transverse mercator.

The Munich Fire Brigade has a special unit to rescue poeple from heights, it operates since 1996.

Munich Fire Brigade Rescue from Heights
This image shows a stereographic reprojection of this panorama.

This image shows a reprojected image of an arena polo event at the Munich airport.

Reprojected Arena Polo at the Munich Airport
Underneath the viewpoint of Goosenecks State Park
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Making of WWP 917 Wood by @panotwinmarkus
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Little Colorado River Gorge
Reprojected Sesimbra Castle Church
Munich Fire Brigade Rescue from Heights
Reprojected WWP314 ‘Decade’ – Stereographic Up and Stereographic
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Munich Airport Arena Polo – Stereographic Down Wide

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