Frühstückspavillon in Kassel

This spherical panorama shows the Frühstückspavillon in Kassel (Germany).

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: ILCE-QX1
Exposure Time (sec): 1/200
F-Number: 7.1
Focal Length (mm): 7.5
ISO: 100
Lens: Walimex 7.5mm/3.5

The shooting was done from top of a monopod. Stitched from five images taken with a Walimex (Samyang) 7.5mm fish eye lens on a Sony ILCE-QX1. Four images around and an additional image for the ground. 

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Originally this panorama was my submission to the World Wide Panaorama event 'Decade'. I took it with a monopod mounted on a tripod and took four images with the Walimex 8mm fishe exe lens mounted on the Sony ILCE-7.

This panorama has been stitched from 6 handheld shots with the innovative Sony ILCE-QX1 'camera'.

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