Heading for Planes and Trains

This panorama is my entry for the WWP event “Transportation”.

As the shooting location is the middle of a heavy used bridge I couldn’t use a tripod. Instead I used a virtual tripod, which is also called a Philopod. I just started shooting, and when the passenger volume over the bridge grew too large I could easily step aside.

With a fisheye attached to my camera, four pictures (each with the camera pointing to a different cardinal direction) cover the full sphere. But as I wanted to show some passengers I took 22 shots and afterwards I selected the four shots, with the most passengers captured.

As the roof of the station contains lots of details I took two additional pictures for the zenith. One of the pictures was used in the final panorama. Due to the use of a Philopod as “tripod” it’s footprint was not visible and therefore the nadir was retouched manually.

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Heading for Planes and Trains
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