In the harbour of Eskifjörður (Iceland).

The town of Eskifjörður is located in a fjord the very eastern part of Iceland. With 1,043 inhabitants it’s one of the largest towns of the municipality of Fjarðabyggð.

In the harbour of Eskifjörður (Iceland).

Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: NEX-7
Exposure Time (sec): 1/400
F-Number: 8
Focal Length (mm): 8
Lens: Sigma 8mm/F4
ISO: 100

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This is from my 2019 calender either the February or the August page.

This weekend I built my remote control for my Sony NEX-7. So I was finally able to do a pole shot with this camera. This is the resulting panorama.

Reprojection in the harbour of Eskifjörður (Iceland).
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