On the road to Mosca

On the road from the Great Sand Dunes to nowhere Mosca. The street between the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Mosca is a very very straight one. As if a giant has drawn it with his ruler.

On the road between the Great Sand Dunes and Mosca (in USA).
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Reprojection of Harpa (which is a concert hall and conference center near the harbour of Reykjavík, Iceland).

South east view from the TÜV construction site in October 2016.

B2RUN is a business running event that takes place in 17 cities throughout Germany. One of the cities is Munich. There the event is hosted in the famous Olympic Park.

The Horseshoe Falls is a part of the famous Niagara Falls. This is where the Niagara River drops around 50m (165 ft on the Canadian site) on its way to the ocean. The American Canadian border runs through the falls.

The panorama shows the entry of Melbourne's Luna Park. The park features the oldest continually operating roller coaster which was opened in 1912.
The almabtrieb is an event when the cow herds, that were fed on alpine pastures during the summer return to the valleys. In Bad Hindelang this event is usually taking place on Sep. 11th. It is celebrated with a big market and a beer tent, where the local Oompah band is playing. This scene shows decorated cows, the so called "Kranzrinder". They are only decorated, when all the cows came back from the summer in the Alps.

Once a year there is a soap box race next to the "Auer Dult".

This panorama has been shot with the Ricoh Theta S. I mounted it on a small monopd (aka selfiestick) and held it through the tiny roof hatch you can see on the panorama.

This panorama shows the courtyard of the Tower 185 in Frankfurt/M. It was taken with a pole extended to a height of approx. 3,15 m.
The huts in the panorama are from the Bad Hindelang christmas market. It is a great event in December when the main street of the village turns into one large christmas festival.

Reprojection of the Harpa (Reykjavík, Iceland)
TÜV Construction Site in October 2016 (SE)
B2RUN Munich 2015 Sunset Behind Olympic Stadium
Horseshoe Falls
At the entry of Luna Park (Melbourne)
Bad Hindelang Almabtrieb Decorated Cows
Soap Box Race at Auer Dult
Hornbahn Bad Hindelang
In the courtyard of Tower 185
Wooden huts in Bad Hindelang

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