State Library of Victoria (Melbourne) inside La Trobe Reading Room

This image was taken inside the iconic dome of the State Library of Victoria. The room was opened 1913 and was designed to provide room for over a million books and up to 600 readers.

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: ILCE-QX1
Exposure Time (sec): 1/60
F-Number: 7.1
Focal Length (mm): 7.5

The shooting was done with a pole which I held at aprrox. 45° over the middle section (as there was a sign which said “no admittance” at the little doors of the central area.) The lens was mounted with a custom-made bracket. Stitched from four images taken with a Walimex (Samyang) 7.5mm fish eye lens on a Sony QX1. Four images around (up, down, left, right). I removed myself by hand in post-processing. 

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This panorama has been stitched from 6 handheld shots with the innovative Sony ILCE-QX1 'camera'.

This photosphere was taken while walking on the Giebelstraße towards Giebelhaus near Hinterstein (Bavaria, Germany).
This image was taken on the Webb Bridge in Melbourne. It spans the Yarra River and the architect is Denton Corker Marshall in collaboration with artist Robert Owen.
The giant limestone boulders of Quantum Field are definitely worth a visit.
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This spherical panorama shows the interior of the Westend Synagogue in Frankfurt am Main
I shot the panorama using a Walimex 7.5mm fish eye lens mounted on a Sony ILCE-QX1. I took four images - one in each cardinal direction - on a extended monopod construction. The nadir was shot additionally and retouched afterwards.

Located in the in the historic Victorian precinct of Oamaru Steampunk HQ is an art collaboration and gallery. ...
At the entry of Luna Park (Melbourne)
Court House Courtyard
On the Giebelstraße near Hinterstein
Standing on Webb Bridge (Melbourne)
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Westend Synagogue
Mariahilf Church Nave
Prague Castle – Changing Of The Guard
Visiting Steampunk HQ in Oamaru.

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