The Treasury Table Shot 2

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The Maritime Museum has been established in 1873 by Prince Henry of the Netherlands. Sometimes it is also named after its founder: Prince Hendrik Museum. Prince Hendrik himself had a naval career.

This reprojection is based on a panoramic image of the Dippemess in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

This panorama shows a view from the terrace of the Roland Levinsky building.
An article describing in five easy steps how to embed an equirectangular using Google Views.
The almabtrieb is an event when the cow herds, that were fed on alpine pastures during the summer return to the valleys. In Bad Hindelang this event is usually taking place on Sep. 11th. It is celebrated with a big market and a beer tent, where the local Oompah band is playing. This scene shows decorated cows, the so called "Kranzrinder". They are only decorated, when all the cows came back from the summer in the Alps.

Participants of the PanoTools Meeting 2010 on the first evening at The Treasury.
Cranes in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam; The
Visiting the fun fair Dippemess (reprojected)
Plymouth University Roland Levinsky Terrace
Five easy steps to publish a spherical panorama
Protected: Panographers Meeting in Frankfurt am Main
Bad Hindelang Almabtrieb Decorated Cows
200 years Oktoberfest innkeeper procession city
MAIN TOWER in Frankfurt am Main – Little
The Treasury Table Shot 5
Protected: Ausflug 06.04.2014

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