Cornerfix profiles for ultra wide Voigtlaender lenses on Sony NEX-5 and NEX-7

In a previous article I already described how to post-process images which were taken with ultra wide legacy lenses on a Sony NEX in order to eliminate the magenta cast in the corners. I use the free software cornerfix (which is available for Mac and PC).

In order to get the best results, you should create your own lens profiles. Therefore you can follow these instructions. I recommend a flat field reference file which is based on a picture through a matted glass panel.

But as you may not have such a glass panel at hands you can also download one of my profiles and give it a try.

If the profiles work for you, then please leave a comment or send a note.

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  1. Thanks for creating these profiles. I downloaded the NEX5 with Heliar 15mm profile. With F8 it overcorrects the magenta corners however. Could you also create a profile for F8, and maybe also for F5.6?

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