Nikon Nikkor 24mm f/2.8 AI and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer

The Lensbaby Tilt Transformer makes it possible to mount Nikon lenses (with an F-mount) on the Sony NEX camera line. Read more about the lens here or here.

Nikon 24mm/F2.8 and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer
Nikon 24mm/F2.8 and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer
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I try to answer the question whether it is possible to stitch a spherical panorama from sweep panoramas made with the Sony NEX-5 camera. The short answer is NO. I present some insights I got when I tried to make such a panorama.
See some experiments with the Lensbaby Tilt Transformer on the Sony NEX 5 using the Lensbaby Composer Focus Front and two differnet Nikon lenses.

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This stereographic reprojection shows the Oktoberfest from the Bavaria statue.

The Lensbaby Tilt Transformer makes it possible to mount Nikon lenses on the Sony NEX camera line.

Nikon 50mm/F1.8 and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer
In 2012 the German Unity Day has been celebrated in Munich. The celebrations include a showcase of the German federated states (Bundesländer) and also other institutions like the parties of the Bavarian parliament. In the courtyard of the Bavarian Ministry of the Interior was an exhibition showing the many task of the ministry.

From the 85m high tower of Munich's town hall you have a great view over the city centre. When you're lucky you can even see the Bavarian alps in the distance. The tower can easily be ascend via elevator.

White Easter in Bad Hindelang.

This panorama is a tribute to Joseph von Fraunhofer (* March 6, 1787 – † June 7, 1826) a German physicist and optician. He was born in Straubing and died in Munich. This panorama shows his tomb in Munich.

This is from my 2019 calender either the Marcxh or the September page.

Spherical pano combined from sweep panoramas
Oktoberfest with Tilt-Shift effects
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Reprojected Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI and Lensbaby Tilt
Bavarian Ministry of the Interior Courtyard
Munich Town Hall Tower North East Corner
White Easter in Bad Hindelang
At Joseph Fraunhofer’s Tomb
Entrance Munich’s South Cemetery – Quadruple Droste Spiral

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