Reprojecting equirectangular images for a printed presentation

We held a talk at the Palmela International Panoramic Photography Festival: Reprojecting equirectangular images for a printed presentation and also at the PanoTools Meeting 2011 in Vienna.

You can find the video recording of the talk in Palmela here.

The talk showcased the benefits of reprojecting equirectangular panoramas for static presentations. We have presented “simple” reprojections and also two–step reprojections using a series of transformations. An overview was given about the different available tools to reproject panoramas. Numerous “real life” examples were shown, including the original equirectangular image and possible reprojections.

The presented reprojections were based on scripts working with two different tools PixelBender (stand alone or plugin for PhotoShop) and the MathMap plugin for The Gimp.

Download the Droste reprojecting script for PixelBender here: PixelBender Droste Reprojection Script

Download the Droste reprojecting script for Mathmap here: Mathmap Droste Reprojection Script 

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The Maritime Museum has been established in 1873 by Prince Henry of the Netherlands. Sometimes it is also named after its founder: Prince Hendrik Museum. Prince Hendrik himself had a naval career.

This is a Pecha Kucha presentation about reprojecting equirectangular images.

A reprojected version of a spherical panorama.

This panorama shows a view from the terrace of the Roland Levinsky building.
This panorama shows the view from the summit of Haytor.
This central place in the heart ot Rotterdam is 12.250 square meters in size and has been opened to the public in 1996. The illumination consists of very large street lights, that even can be transformed.

The Cathedral of Messina has been built in the 12th century. However it had to be rebuilt after a massive earth quake in 1908 und again after a fire in World War II.

This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama. It is the oldest shopping mall of The Netherlands.

Participants of the PanoTools Meeting 2010 on the first evening at The Treasury.
An article describing in five easy steps how to embed an equirectangular using Google Views.
Cranes in the Maritime Museum in Rotterdam; The
Reprojecting equirectangular images
Reprojected British telephone booth
Plymouth University Roland Levinsky Café
Haytor Summit
Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam; The Netherlands
Cathedral of Messina – Nave
Reprojected Oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands
The Treasury Table Shot 2
Five easy steps to publish a spherical panorama

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