Reprojection of ‘Standing inside Skálholtdómkirkja (Iceland)’

This image is a reprojected version of the panorama Standing inside Skálholtdómkirkja (Iceland). The projection is “stereographic down”.

Reprojected spherical panorama inside Skálholtdómkirkja

Reprojected spherical panorama inside Skálholtdómkirkja

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The Petrified Forest is an area with structures of stone which look like petrified trunks of trees. The area is part of the Discovery Bay Coastal Park in Victoria (Australia).
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B2RUN is a business running event that takes place in 17 cities throughout Germany. One of the cities is Munich. There the event is hosted in the famous Olympic Park.

This weekend I built my remote control for my Sony NEX-7. So I was finally able to do a pole shot with this camera. This is the resulting panorama.

The Den Haag Passage is a shopping mall opened in 1885 and is an UNESCO and also a national monument. After extensive restoration works in 2007 the marble floor and the facades now resemble the original state.

This panorama has been shot with the Ricoh Theta S. I mounted it on a small monopd (aka selfiestick) and held it through a small window in the gondola.

This turf church is one of only six icelandic turf churches still standing. They are preserved as historical monuments. This church was built 1834 and has turf walls, but timber gables both back and front.

I wondered about the impact of my corrections at the stage of post-processing the test-images from yesterdays article. To answer this question I picked the image taken with an aperture of f=8 and compare a uncorrected and a corrected version of the image.
These two reprojected spherical panoramas originated from this panorma.

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