13 years of history in a single panorama

The upcoming event at the WWP is named “history”. As I’m a regular contributor I also wanted to contribute for this event.

After a discussion with a friend of mine I decided to realize an idea which took shape in my mind quite some time ago. I wanted to integrate a picture which shows a historic point in time in a panorama which shows the actual scenery.

Here is the panorama of the actual scenery.

And this is the historic image I wanted to integrate.

Construction of MAIN TOWER. This image was taken 13 years ago on a black and white film.
Construction of MAIN TOWER. This image was taken 13 years ago on a black and white film.

The combined panorama is hosted at the history event of the the world wide panorama.

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This image shows a reprojected version of the Cine-Teatro São João panorama. The projection is "transverse mercator".
Originally this panorama was my submission to the World Wide Panaorama event 'Decade'. I took it with a monopod mounted on a tripod and took four images with the Walimex 8mm fishe exe lens mounted on the Sony ILCE-7.

The Ludwigs Maximilians University has been founded in 1472 in Ingolstadt and moved to Munich in 1826. This panorama shows the areaway between the main entrance and the lecture hall.

The following two images show the entrance of Munich's old South Cemetary in a reprojected version.

On the middle platform of the Heini Klopfer ski jump near Oberstdorf.

This panorama shows one of the group shots at the Interational Panoramic Photography Festival in Palmela. It was taken with a pole in the yard of Palmela Castle.

Under the Owachomo natural bridge.
The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is located in Berlin near the Kurfürstendamm.

This panorama is the result of 26 stitched images made with the Sony NEX-5 and the 16mm pancake lens. It is a test to be compared with the experiment I described in my last two posts.
Between the Navajo Bridges over Marble Canyon.
Reprojected Cine-Teatro São João
Sculpture Umschreibung – Inside
Ludwig-Maximilians-University Areaway
Reprojected Alter Südfriedhof Munich Entrance
Heini Klopfer ski jump (on middle platform).
Group shot in the yard of Palmela Castle
Under the Owachomo natural bridge
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin
Multirow Spherical Panorama made with the Sony NEX-5
Between the Navajo Bridges

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