Frankfurt am Main

This image is from the January page of my 2023 calender.

Reflection in Frankfurt am Main
Reflection in Frankfurt am Main
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Reprojected Droste effect panoramas of the Café Fünf Höfe.

This cylindrical panorama shows the Reschensee (Italian: Lago di Resia) which is an artificial lake in South Tyrol (Italy). The lake is famous for the steeple of a 14th century church which was submerged, when the lake was flooded.

This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama.

This panorama is a tribute to Joseph von Fraunhofer (* March 6, 1787 – † June 7, 1826) a German physicist and optician. He was born in Straubing and died in Munich. This panorama shows his tomb in Munich.

Reprojected Café Fünf Höfe
Even more façades of Frankfurt am Main
Reschensee with submerged steeple
Skyline of Frankfurt am Main on a sunny
Castello Utveggio
Reprojected WWP International Year of Forests
Early spring
Dandelion seedhead
At Joseph Fraunhofer’s Tomb

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