Snowy mountains

This image is from the February page of my 2023 calender.

Snowy mountains in Bad Hindelang
Snowy mountains in Bad Hindelang
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The Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve is one of the many parks in Victoria (AUS). The viewpoint is on top of Tower Hill, which can be reached with a short hike from one of the carparks. The park iself is situated in an ancient volcanic crater.
This panorama shows the Umpherston Sinkhole. I was standing on the ground of the sinkhole while I was taking the panorama.
A quick and dirty cylindrical panorama made from two images shot with the panorama mode of a Sony NX5.
Panotwin Jürgen shooting Castle Rock near Lynton.

While taking a little hike near Lynton I took this panorama.

Standing on Mount John offers a mgnificent view from Lake Tekapo in the east to the Southern Alps in the very west.
Standing on Tower Hill in the Tower Hill
Skyline of Frankfurt am Main on a sunny
Wuppertal Suspension Railway
Standing inside Umpherston Sinkhole
PanoTools Meeting 2010 Group Shot
PanoTwin Jürgen shooting Castle Rock
Frankfurt am Main
View from Goetheturm
Castle Rock near Lynton (Devon, England)
View from Mount John over Lake Tekapo.

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