Happy new year 2012

This year we started with a photographic experiment. We recruited two assistants and used some sparklers to write 2012 in the air.

In this image we used sparklers to write 2012 in the air.
2012 written with sparklers

With this image we wish you happiness, luck and health for 2012. And of course a lot of new panoramic images ūüôā

Exposure Time: 6 sec
F-Number: 11
Focal Length: 35 mm
ISO: 200 

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This post tries to answer the question whether it is possible to stitch a spherical panorama made from so called sweep panoramas. They can be made using e.g. the Sony NEX-5. A somehow finished panorama can be seen, however it has some big errors and looks really wierd.
In the Lower Antelope Canyon.
Standing at √ďf√¶rufoss in the Eldgj√° canyon.

Originally this panorama was my submission to the World Wide Panaorama event 'Decade'. I took it with a monopod mounted on a tripod and took four images with the Walimex 8mm fishe exe lens mounted on the Sony ILCE-7.

This spherical panorama shows the Zytglogge in Bern (Switzerland).
Kipon manufactures an adapter which enables you to mount any lens with a Nikon F-mount to your Sony NEX camera
This image shows a reprojected image of the summer stage in Kronberg. The projection is transverse mercator.

Another ten minutes until sunrise.
Spherical pano stitched from sweep panoramas, an experiment
Lower Antelope Canyon
Panoramic image of √ďf√¶rufoss
Sculpture Umschreibung – Inside
Zytglogge (Clocktower of Bern)
Tilt experiments with Kipon Tilt adapter for Nikon
Protected: Kaffeetrinken in M√ľnchen
Reprojected summer stage in Kronberg.
Waiting for sunrise at Mesa Arch
Frauenfriedenskirche (Frankfurt am Main)

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