Standing at Ófærufoss – again

This image is from the July page of my 2018 calender. It’s the center part of a larger panorama. The projection is rectilinear. I used a neutral density filter with 10 f-stops to get an exposure time of 8 seconds.

Standing at Ófærufoss in the Eldgjá chasm (Iceland).
Standing at Ófærufoss in the Eldgjá chasm (Iceland).

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This gallery shows some images from todays trip.
This somehow weird looking rock formation is called Hvítserkur which translates to "white nightdress".

Some images from our last day on Iceland.
This panorama shows an old and rusty machine. In better times it surely was a trusty machine but now it's only rusty...

Originally this panorama was my submission to the World Wide Panaorama event 'Decade'. I took it with a monopod mounted on a tripod and took four images with the Walimex 8mm fishe exe lens mounted on the Sony ILCE-7.

Here is another little gallery from todays journey.
The Glaumbær farm is a museum that gives you a really interesting perspective on how the poeple lived in former times in Iceland.

Dettifoss in Iceland – again
From Egilsstaðir to Höfn
Hvítserkur – A Rock Formation in the Sea
Flying back to Germany
Skógafoss in Iceland
Old and rusty crane
Sculpture Umschreibung – Inside
From Hverarönð over Víti (Krafla) and Leirhnjúkur into
Glaumbær Farm (Museum)
Via Strandarkirkja and Blue Lagoon to Kevlavík

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