Standing at Ófærufoss – again

This image is from the July page of my 2018 calender. It’s the center part of a larger panorama. The projection is rectilinear. I used a neutral density filter with 10 f-stops to get an exposure time of 8 seconds.

Standing at Ófærufoss in the Eldgjá chasm (Iceland).
Standing at Ófærufoss in the Eldgjá chasm (Iceland).

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As the name states Akureyrarkirkja is the church of Akureyri. The church has been designed by Guðjón Samúelssonbuild and the build has been finished in 1940.

I made the original panorama for the upcoming WWP event "Mortality". This is a stereographic down projection.

This is a panorama taken with the Ricoh Thata S. It was just standing on the floor with a very small tripod.

Ponte Lombardo in Venice spans over Rio Malpago
and ends at Fondamente de la Toletta.

This image shows a stereographic reprojection of this panorama.

Impressions from Akureyri and Goðafoss
Akureyrarkirkja – Inside
Reprojected Mausoleum of the Family ‘Von Gans’
Sydney Opera at Dusk
Crocus in Luitpoldpark
Planinska jama (Planina cave)
Protected: Impressionen beim Kartenspiel #10
Ponte Lombardo, Venice
Frauenfriedenskirche (Frankfurt am Main)
Reprojected Akureyrarkirkja – Outside

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