Reprojected Oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands (Droste)

This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama. It is the oldest shopping mall of The Netherlands. The base image for this Droste type reprojection is this image.

Droste Reprojection of the oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands
Droste Reprojection of the oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands

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This panorama was stitched from five shots with the Sigma 8mm fish eye lens mounted on the Sony A700 on a double monopod construction.

This panorma shows a panoramic photographer taking a panorama of Henry Stuart's printed version of his Royal Wedding Gigapixel Panorama.

This panorama has been shot with the Ricoh Theta S. I mounted it on a small monopd (aka selfiestick) and held it through a small window in the gondola.

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The german word Breitachklamm translates to "canyon of Breitach". "Breitach" is the name of the river, which cut this canyon into the rocks. The canyon is located near Oberstdorf in southern Germany.

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The Den Haag Passage is a shopping mall opened in 1885 and is an UNESCO and also a national monument. After extensive restoration works in 2007 the marble floor and the facades now resemble the original state.

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Oldest Shopping Mall of The Netherlands

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