Haagse Passage – Transverse Mercator Middle

This is from my 2018 calender either the January or the July page.
This Transverse Mercator reprojection was generated from a spherical panorama I shot standing in the middle of Haagse Passage in The Hague.
Haagse Passage - Transverse Mercator Middle

See the interactive version here.

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The parish church in Tschengels was originally built in 1500. In 1600 a new baroque style side chapel was built. This side chapel is considered one of the most beautiful sacred baroque buildings of the Vinschgau Valley.

This is from my 2018 calender either the February or the August page.

The southern viewpoint at the Navajo Bridges.
St. Coloman church has been built between 1673 and 1678. It can be found near the very famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Schwangau. When looking carefully you can even see Neuschwanstein Castle in the panorama.

Due to the increasing distribution of cell phones most people don't need telephone booths any more. Being a common mean of communication just 30 years ago, nowadays the telephone booths are mostly waiting to be used..

The geysir Strokkur is located in the geothermal area of the Great Geysir in the valley of Haukadalur.

This image shows a reprojected image of the subway station Candidplatz in Munich. The projection is "stereographic".

On the drawbridge in the harbor of Stralsund.
This panorama shows one of the group shots at the Interational Panoramic Photography Festival in Palmela. It was taken with a pole in the yard of Palmela Castle.

Parish Church Birth of the Virgin Mary in
Städel Museum Frankfurt – Garden Stereographic Transverse Mercator
Viewpoint at the Navajo Bridges
St. Coloman Church near Schwangau
Inside a Forgotten Telephone Booth
Standing at geysir Strokkur – again (Iceland)
Reprojected subway station (Candidplatz, Munich)
Mall of Berlin
Drawbridge at Stralsund harbor
Group shot in the yard of Palmela Castle

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