Reprojected Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles

This image is a stereographic up reprojection of this spherical panorama.

Reprojected Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles
Reprojected Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: ILCE-7
Exposure Time (sec): 1/2000
F-Number: 8
Focal Length (mm): 8
Lens: Walimex 8mm/2.8
ISO: 100 

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This image shows a stereographic reprojected version of a 360° panorama.

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These two reprojected spherical panoramas originated from this panorma.

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Today I did some tests with the two lens adapters Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4, which can be used to adapt a lens with a Sony A-mount to a camera with an Sony E-mount.
Images of shaved Samyang (Bower, Rokinon, Walimex) 8mm
Marble Courtyard in the Castle of Versailles
Streetlife Festival 2011, Climbing
Städel Museum Frankfurt Courtyard
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Entrance to visitor center of the Shrine of
Munich Airport Arena Polo – Stereographic Down Wide
Reprojected Städel Museum Frankfurt Courtyard
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Comparing image crops of Sony LA-EA2 and Sony

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