View from Goetheturm

The tower is a 43-metre high construction which was built entirely out of wood. It was renovated from 2010 – 2014 and was reopened April 11, 2014 for the public.

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: ILCE-7
Exposure Time (sec): 1/1250
F-Number: 8
Focal Length (mm): 8
ISO: 100
Lens: Walimex 8mm/2.8

Stitched from eight images taken with a Walimex (Samyang) 8mm fish eye lens on a Sony A7. Handheld from the viewing plattform of the tower. I took an image approx. every 45°. I had to do some serious retouching in the sky and I had to create the roof of the tower as I was standing underneath and not above… 

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