Colonnade at new portal of main cemetery

The new portal of the main cemetery of Frankfurt am Main was built 1908. It incorporates a chapel, a crematorium, a morgue and a hall to host funeral services.

The panorama was taken with my double monopod construction which was extended to a height of approx. 2.5 meter (appx. 8.2 ft). Stitched from four images taken with a Walimex (Samyang) 8mm fish eye lens on a Sony A7. I took four images around and an additional shot for the floor.

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: ILCE-7
Exposure Time (sec): 1/1250
F-Number: 8
Focal Length (mm): 8 

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These two reprojected spherical panoramas originated from this panorma.

Upon seeing the unique structure of Allen Lambert Galleria for the first time in a panoramaic image I wanted to take my own one. I tried to find a spot which is as centered in the structure as possible, because one of my goals was to create reprojections of the spherical image.
This year ended with a photographic experiment. Each of us used two sparklers to write 2013 in the air.

In this image we used sparklers to write 2014 in the air.
The Bláhnjúkur (which stands for 'Blue Peak' in the icelandic language) is a mountain in the Landmannalaugar area of Iceland.

As we were driving around the main road of Monument Valley we also stopped at the North Window between Cly Butte and Elephant Butte.
This is the first pole panorama I shot with the Sony ILCE-7 camera and the Walimex Pro 8mm fisheye lens.

In the late 1990s hang gliding was a popular sport in and around Bad Hindelang. The hang gliders were transported to the start place using a chair lift. The old chair lift has been replaced by a cable car and the sportsmen started to go paragliding instead. So this ramp is seldom used nowadays.

Reprojected Städel Museum Frankfurt Courtyard
Viehscheid in Bad Hindelang
Allen Lambert Galleria – Reprojections
Good-bye 2013
Reprojected spherical panorama on the way to Bláhnjúkur
View of Monument Valley near Cly Butte
Split Point Lighthouse – Little Planet
At the entry of Luna Park (Melbourne)
Luitpoldpark in December
Hang Glider Start Ramp

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