Reprojected Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it

This stereographic reprojection shows the Oktoberfest from the Bavaria statue. The original panorama has been made from inside the head of Bavaria. Bavaria is a hollow bronze statue that can be ascended in the inside. It is located next to the Theresienwiese, where the famous Oktoberfest takes place since more than 200 years. See the original panorama here.

Reprojected Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it

Reprojected Oktoberfest like Bavaria sees it

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Camera Maker: SONY
Camera Model: NEX-5
Exposure Time: 1/4000 sec
F-Number: 2,8
Focal Length: 10,44mm
Lens: Sony 16mm/2,8 + ECF1 Fisheye Converter
ISO: 200
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This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama.

This post tries to answer the question whether it is possible to stitch a spherical panorama made from so called sweep panoramas. They can be made using e.g. the Sony NEX-5. A somehow finished panorama can be seen, however it has some big errors and looks really wierd.
This cylindrical panorama shows the Reschensee (Italian: Lago di Resia) which is an artificial lake in South Tyrol (Italy). The lake is famous for the steeple of a 14th century church which was submerged, when the lake was flooded.

This panorama shows the atrium of the Bavarian Ministry of Justice in Munich.

Poeple are watching the game URU vs. GHA at the soccer world cup quarter finals in Southafrica.

Kipon manufactures an adapter which enables you to mount any lens with a Nikon F-mount to your Sony NEX camera
This is the second panoramic image which I shot with my first DSLR camera.

This panorama has been made near the summit of mount Hirschberg. It is north of Bad Hindelang and is about 1500m high.

Cornerfix profiles for ultra wide Voigtlaender lenses on
Reprojected WWP International Year of Forests
Spherical pano stitched from sweep panoramas, an experiment
Reschensee with submerged steeple
Bavarian Ministry of Justice Atrium
URU vs. GHA Soccer World Cup 2010 (blue
Standing at the Franz-Josef-Glacier in New Zealand (2004)
Tilt experiments with Kipon Tilt adapter for Nikon
Bridge over the Ostrach near Bad Hindelang in
Cross on Summit of Mount Hirschberg

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