Heini Klopfer ski jump (on middle platform).

I recently visited the Heini Klopfer ski jump near Oberstdorf. The Heini Klopfer ski jump is currently the third largest ski jump in the world. It’s hillsize is 213 m and the jump record is at 225,5 m.

The panorama was taken with a pole which I held horizontally over the railing of the middle platform.

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...As I followed the trail I did several sphericals. The one I finally chose for the event shows a lovely spot near the old village center of Niederursel a district of Frankfurt/M.

“Gustav-​Adolf” ​church in Niederursel

From the 85m high tower of Munich's town hall you have a great view over the city centre. When you're lucky you can even see the Bavarian alps in the distance. The tower can easily be ascend via elevator.

The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church is located in Berlin near the Kurfürstendamm.

"The Dancers" is a sculpture of Jonathan Borofsky in Denver, CO.
Standing under the sculpture "Lao Tzu" (Mark di Suvero).
Hverarönð is a geothermal area east of the mountain Námafjall in the north of Iceland.

This image was taken inside the iconic dome of the State Library of Victoria. The room was opened 1913 and was designed to provide room for over a million books and up to 600 readers.
On the road from the Great Sand Dunes to nowhere Mosca.
This panorama shows a view in the Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat in Utah.
Following the Educational Trail
Munich Town Hall Tower South East Corner
Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Berlin
The sculpture “The Dancers” in Denver, CO
The sculpture “Lao Tzu” by Mark di Suvero
Fumarole at Hverarönð geothermal area (Iceland)
State Library of Victoria (Melbourne) inside La Trobe
Powell Point at the South Rim of the
On the road to Mosca
Underneath the viewpoint of Goosenecks State Park

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