In the Breitachklamm (a canyon near Oberstdorf, Germany).

The german word Breitachklamm translates to “canyon of Breitach”. “Breitach” is the name of the river, which cut this canyon into the rocks. The canyon is located near Oberstdorf in southern Germany.

It’s a fascinating hike through the canyon which also leads over this bridge deep down in the canyon.

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The Churburg has been built around 1250 near the village of Schluderns. It has one of the largest private armouries and can be visited.

This panorama shows a view in the Goosenecks State Park near Mexican Hat in Utah.
Mesa Arch at sunrise is the motif of desire for every photographer, who likes to take pictures of sunrises.
St. Coloman church has been built between 1673 and 1678. It can be found near the very famous Neuschwanstein Castle near Schwangau. When looking carefully you can even see Neuschwanstein Castle in the panorama.

The huts in the panorama are from the Bad Hindelang christmas market. It is a great event in December when the main street of the village turns into one large christmas festival.

The Bláhnjúkur (which stands for 'Blue Peak' in the icelandic language) is a mountain in the Landmannalaugar area of Iceland.

This image shows the northern entrance of the museum Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich (Germany).
I shot this panorama on the way back from the beautiful Hengifoss to the parking lot. You can see Hengifoss in the distance near the top of the hilll and Lagarfljót stretching below for about 25km.

I used a monopod extended to about 1,5 m (5 ft). I tried to take the images from the center of the stage in order to get a symmetrical image for the reprojection.
The parish church in Tschengels was originally built in 1500. In 1600 a new baroque style side chapel was built. This side chapel is considered one of the most beautiful sacred baroque buildings of the Vinschgau Valley.

Churburg in Schluderns
Underneath the viewpoint of Goosenecks State Park
Photographers waiting for sunrise at Mesa Arch
St. Coloman Church near Schwangau
Wooden huts in Bad Hindelang
On the way to Bláhnjúkur (Blue Peak, Iceland).
Pinakothek der Moderne
View over Lagarfljót near Hengifoss
On the summer stage in Kronberg
Parish Church Birth of the Virgin Mary in

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