Multirow Spherical Panorama made with the Sony NEX-5

Some weeks ago a question came up, whether it is possible to stitch a panorama from so called sweep panoramas made with the Sony NEX-5. The short answer is: NO. You can read the detailed answers in my two recent posts: #1 and #2.

Here is now the result with the same camera and lens: A Sony NEX-5 with the pancake 16mm lens. I mounted the camera on a tripod and shot a multirow panorama with three rows, each row using eight portrait shots. I used a custom panorama head that I set up quickly for the new camera/lens combination (it has not been aligned perfectly for the NPP).

I set the image quality for shooting to RAW. The resulting images were processed using Bibble 5 Pro. Almost the only processing done with Bibble was correcting the CA of the lens. Further processing like correcting lens vignetting and adjusting the a, b and c parameters for the lens was done with PTGui Pro.

Fountain in Schwabing

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The Lensbaby Tilt Transformer makes it possible to mount Nikon lenses on the Sony NEX camera line.

Nikon 50mm/F1.8 and Lensbaby Tilt Transformer
This is from my 2019 calender either the Marcxh or the September page.

This panorama has been made near the summit of mount Hirschberg. It is north of Bad Hindelang and is about 1500m high.

This image shows a long time exposure of Goðafoss.

This image shows a reprojected version of this panorama.

This is an automatically rendered panorama from three source panoramas taken with the Rocoh Theta S. As the camera is a one shot solution it is sometimes difficult to be NOT on the final image. In this case I used the Photoshop Median operation to remove myself from the panorama without any manual interaction.

A cylindrical panoramic image taken with the NEX-5 and the SEL55210 lens from Sony.

View over Bad Oberdorf and Bad Hindelang
[DIS]CONNECT @ Schirn Kunsthalle
Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI and Lensbaby Tilt
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Cross on Summit of Mount Hirschberg
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Reprojected WWP International Year of Forests
Comparing Sony LA-EA2 and Sony LA-EA4
Friedhof Nantwein at Dawn
Planinska jama (Planina cave)
View over Bad Oberdorf and Bad Hindelang

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