URU vs. GHA Soccer World Cup 2010 (blue hour)

Poeple are watching the game URU vs. GHA at the soccer world cup quarter finals in Southafrica. The team from URU won 4:2 after some very dramatic scenes.

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Inside a Forgotten Telephone Booth

Due to the increasing distribution of cell phones most people don’t need telephone booths any more. Being a common mean of communication just 30 years ago, nowadays the telephone booths are mostly waiting to be used…

In Germany the old yellow telephone booths are continuously being removed due to a newer design.

These two facts made me think of the term forgotten place because I wasn’t able to remember when I last used one of these yellow booths.

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Heading for Planes and Trains

This panorama is my entry for the WWP event “Transportation”.

As the shooting location is the middle of a heavy used bridge I couldn’t use a tripod. Instead I used a virtual tripod, which is also called a Philopod. I just started shooting, and when the passenger volume over the bridge grew too large I could easily step aside.

With a fisheye attached to my camera, four pictures (each with the camera pointing to a different cardinal direction) cover the full sphere. But as I wanted to show some passengers I took 22 shots and afterwards I selected the four shots, with the most passengers captured.

As the roof of the station contains lots of details I took two additional pictures for the zenith. One of the pictures was used in the final panorama. Due to the use of a Philopod as “tripod” it’s footprint was not visible and therefore the nadir was retouched manually.

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PanoTwin Jürgen shooting Castle Rock

PanoTwin Jürgen shooting Castle Rock near Lynton.

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