Waiting for sunrise at Mesa Arch (on the rim)

As I still had some minutes left before sunrise I also went to the rim on top of Mesa Arch. You can also see the other photographers already standing beneath the arch.
The panorama was taken approximately five minutes before sunrise.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100509_6275-6284_RM.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100509_6275-6284_RM.jpg”]
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Waiting for sunrise at Mesa Arch

We got up early this morning. But even then, there had already three other guys placed their tripod in their favourite spot. I also set up my tripod grabbed my pole and went for a litlle walk to shoot some panoramic images.
The panorama was taken approximately ten minutes before sunrise.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100509_6249-6258_RM.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100509_6249-6258_RM.jpg”]
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The sculpture “Lao Tzu” by Mark di Suvero

“Lao Tzu” is a sculpture of Mark di Suvero. It’s located in Denver between the Denver Art Museum and the Denver Public Library. The sculpture dates back to 1991.
[pano file=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100505_5575-5584_RM.xml” preview=”https://www.panotwins.de/wp-content/panos/JMatern_100505_5575-5584_RM.jpg”]
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The sculpture “The Dancers” in Denver, CO

“The Dancers” is a sculpture of Jonathan Borofsky. The base of the sculpture is surrounded by five speakers which constantly play the song “Let’s dance” (which was composed, performed and recorded by Jonathan Borofsky and Samuel Conlogue).

Jonathan Borofsky is also the artist of the “Hammering Man” in Frankfurt/Main (Germany).

"The Dancers" in Denver, CO.
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